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Studienfahrt der Techniker nach Dublin


...The fun-level was rising and rising, so time was flying during the journey to the “Green Island”.
As we checked into our hotel we were highly surprised about the central location of our “castle” for the upcoming 5 nights: It can be even seen on postcards of the well-known Spire. It should be hard to find a more central accommodation in Dublin! High five to the planner of the trip!!
On Monday, the 26th March we did a so-called hop-on, hop-off city tour.

And in the afternoon we took a train towards Howth which is a fishing village in the South-West of Dublin at the coast of the North-Sea. The walk we did there was longer than we expected, so in the middle we had to encourage ourselves in a nice little restaurant!!
A totally unexpected amount of face grilling sunrays on our hike along the cliffs of Howth led to quite funny-looking sun-burnt faces.
On Tuesday morning we split up in three groups: some went to visit the Guiness Brewery, others the Kilmainham Jail and the rest to St-Michan’s Church where you can see real mummies.
In the afternoon there was a guided tour to the famous Jameson Destillery where we were educated in the special process of creating the Irish “Water of Life”. No need to say that a few of us became some kind of specialists in that field?
On Wednesday we had to collect our bones early in the morning to deploy for another walk. A hike to the landscapes of “Braveheart”. Wonderful views over the Wicklow Mountains. We were led by a guide Christopher and his sister Teresa. Greetings to both of them!
As everything has come to an end we had a final delicious dinner inside of a restaurant which was originally a church.
On Friday morning we had to leave Dublin after an exciting and funny week to get our plane back to Germany!
A great thanks to our travel organizers, Mrs Sinn and Thomas Willig who made our school trip unforgettable. Also thanks to “Mrs. Angie” and Mr. Grimm for coming with us. We had a great time with you!
Now we are looking forward to the picture presentation of professional photos by Thomas Willig . Thank you again, Thomas!

Report by Thomas Willig, Florian Jäger and Jörg Zimmerlin (FTM1)